What Is The Modulator?

The Modulator is a downloadable, interactive PDF that gives you a page of six modulations for each major key change.  It is very easy to use! Print the modulations you need, or view them on your iPad or tablet device.  The Modulator Online offers a new and improved version of The Modulator software that has been purchased by thousands of churches.  What was once a PC-based software is now a universal PDF document that can be viewed on Windows, Mac, and even many mobile devices.

Who Needs It?

The Modulator is for piano and organ accompanists, although it could be useful for any musician.  Music and choral directors can purchase The Modulator and then print and distribute to up to 2 accompanists in their organization.

How Does It Work?

First of all, you will need Adobe Reader to view the The Modulator files.  You can get Adobe Reader for FREE right here. The first page of the PDF allows you to click on a keyboard to select the key you are transitioning from.  After you select the “from” key, you then select the “to” key on another keyboard, and you are presented with a page of modulations.  You can then print and distribute or display on your iPad or tablet device.

Where Can I Get The Modulator?

The Modulator is available right here, 24/7/365.  Once you purchase The Modulator, you can download it to your computer and use it any time you like.  You can purchase modulations by the individual key change, or you can buy the whole batch at once.

Licensing Info

By purchasing The Modulator, you are purchasing a license for your organization to reproduce an unlimited number of copies of modulations for use by up to 2 accompanists in your organization onlyNeither The Modulator downloadable PDF nor the individual pages of transitions may be re-distributed to any other person or organization for any purpose.

Purchasing Info

You can purchase The Modulator here on our secure shopping cart using your credit card.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  If you prefer to pay by check, please contact us for ordering details.